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2023/2024 Kern CBC Schedule

DECEMBER 14, 2023 - JANUARY 5, 2024

SATURDAY, December 16, 2023

Bakersfield CBC, Kern County: Compiler: John Wilson - year began 1949 held in 1950 resumed in 1973

Butterbredt CBC, Kern County: Compiler: Charles Bragg, Phone: (310) 454-9662 - year began 1977

Lancaster CBC, Los Angeles/Kern Counties: Compiler: Mary & Nick Freeman, Phone: (818) 247-6172 - year began 1980

SUNDAY, December 17, 2023

China Lake CBC, Kern & San Bernardino Counties: Compiler: Peter Woodman, Phone: (760) 861-3961 - year began 1957

THURSDAY, December 21, 2023

Tehachapi CBC, Kern County: Compiler: Larry Parmeter, Phone: (559) 288-3456 - year began 1992

SATURDAY, December 30, 2023

South Fork Valley CBC, Kern & Tulare Counties: Compiler Denise LaBerteaux, Phone: (760) 378-4278 - year began 1992

SUNDAY, December 31, 2023

Kern River Valley CBC, Kern County: Compiler: Ali Sheehey - year began 1978


Bear Valley Springs CBC, Kern County: Compiler: Compiler: Alex Coffey; Phone: 203-980-5547 - resurrected 2019, held 1995-2014

California City CBC, Kern County: Compiler Alexia Svejda:  Phone (661) 810-6268 - year began 2015

Carrizo Plain CBC, Kern & San Luis Obispo Counties: Compiler: Kathanne Lynch - year began 1971

Red Rock Canyon CBC, Kern County: Alexia Svejda - held 1998 - 2004 restarted 2014

Tejon Ranch, Kern & Los Angeles Counties: Compiler: Jeron Cramer and Steve Justus - year began 2008



Participants are typically assigned to teams based on their bird identification skill level and endurance. The count results are tabulated by the National Audubon and Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Help is needed on many of these counts, so find one that interests you and contact the compiler for more information.

Too cold to come out on a December or January day, compilers need help from landowners for permission to access to your property, birders will not trespass. How about keeping a list of birds that you see in your yard on that day (be a “feeder watcher”), or you can join a team to cover a territory near your home. (New birders are paired with veterans, so you don’t have to be an expert.)

Beginners to experts are welcome, maybe you know the area that a visiting birder doesn't. If you’ve ever heard yourself say, “Maybe it’d be fun to learn birds,” here’s a great opportunity. Call the contacts listed above to participate at any level.

Discontinued Kern County Counts

Buena Vista - held 1989 through 2012

Granite- Woody - year began 1971 held through 1996

Mount Pinos - held 1967-68

Oildale - Poso - held 1972

Taft-Maricopa - held 1969 through 1972

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