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Canis latrans

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Kingdom - ANIMALIA     Phylum - CHORDATA     Subphylum - VERTEBRATA     Class - MAMMALIA     Subclass - THERIA     Order - CARNIVORA     Family - CANIDAE     

Genus - Canis  specific epithet - latrans   subspecific epithet - mearnsii (east Desert)  ochropus (rest of county)


Length Head and body: 750-1000 mm.  Tail length: 300-400 mm. Weight: males 8-20 kg, females 7-18 kg. Dental formula: i 3/3-c 1/1-p 4/4-m 2/3 x 2, Total 42. Mammae 8. Eyes: Yellow/brown. Pelage: back gray, legs tan, belly grayish white. Diet: omnivorous.


Common to grasslands, valley scrub, deserts, and urban settings.


The coyote is found from Alaska to Nova Scotia and Panama. It is found in almost every habitat in Kern County.

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