WILDFLOWER REPORTS - Central California

Welcome to the Nature Alley Wildflower express. Each month I will take you along on my journeys to wildflower fields near my home. Some months I will even go really far afield.

Central California Wildflowers rival any that can be found in the garden. Delicate delights for the eyes and nose, you are invited to experience the wondrous vistas awaiting with our spectacular year-round shows. Although spring is best. All year you can find amazing floral treats. 

If you have photos to share, please feel free to send them along with the date, place and identification of the flower. I will post these if you specifically request with your name and contact information.

If you would like help identifying the flower only, please sign up for the tri-county natural history group and post your photo in the photos folder. With a caution that I am a general naturalist and I can't guarantee that I will know what your flower is, but I will do my best. Subscribe to the Yahoo Discussion Group TriCountyNaturalHistory


Kern County Wildflower Hotline (800) 500-KERN (starting end of March/early April)

Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve (661) 724-1180

Carrizo Plain Goodwin Education Center (805) 475-2131

Desert Wildflower Watch

Kern County Wildflower Hotline - Board of Trade

Nature Ali's Wildflower Reports

Red Rock Canyon State Park

Gorman/Tejon Pass area
Hungry Valley Ranger Station (661) 248-7007

Fort Tejon Ranger Station (661) 248-6692

Identifying California Wildflowers

CalFlora - $10 per year

CalPhotos Plants

Southern California Wildflowers

California Academy of Science Wildflower Online Encyclopedia

Death Valley Plants

Photographs of Chaparral, Desert, and Mountain Wildflowers

The Jepson Manual Higher Plants of California

Almaden Wildflowers


Feral Flowers


Other Areas of California

Anza-Borrego Wildflower Hotline (760) 767-4684

California Vernal Pools

Death Valley National Park Wildflowers

Theodore Payne Foundation Wildflower Hotline 818-768-3533

Joshua Tree National Park 760-367-5500-Press 1, then 9, for recorded wildflower information
Mojave Desert Kelso Depot Information 760733-4456

Yosemite National Park 209-372-0200-Follow menu

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