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White-winged Parakeet

Brotogeris versicolurus


Small and stocky this green parakeet flashes white and yellow on the wing in flight. The white can be hidden when perched.

General color forest green. Cheeks and chin tinged bluish-gray. Bare blue-gray orbital ring. First four primaries green the rest white. Whitish-yellow secondaries. Tail green. Turquoise blue underside tail. Pale yellowish green underwing linings and cheeks. Feet beige-pink. Bill beige. Iris dark brown.

Immatures as adults except only a few green-edged white primaries.

Length:  22-23 cm (8.5-9"), wing length 115-125 mm, (4.5"-4.9"). 

Nest: 5 white eggs placed in a natural cavity or in a dense cluster of dead palm fronds.

Voice: rapid shrill metallic song

Distribution: Native range: southeast Colombia, eastern Ecuador and northeast Peru east to Belém and Mexiana Island in the Amazon estuary as well as French Guiana and probably Surinam; introduced to Lima area, Peru and on Puerto Rico.

Introduced North American range: Breeding in Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. Occasional escapes in San Francisco and New York and other urban areas not known to have bred.

Habitat: Suburban areas, parks, and gardens.

Habits: Gathers in small flocks; forage in groups. 


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