Red-masked Parakeets  Alison Sheehey 2001

photo courtesy of NatureAli 2001.

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Red-masked Parakeet

Aratinga erythrogenys



photo courtesy NatureAli 2001

Parrot Project

Red-masked Parakeet  (AKA) Red-masked Conure, Cherry-headed Conure

Aratinga erythrogenys

Description:    Overall yellowish-green, red on crown, forehead, lores, cheeks, some red on bend of wing, outer wing coverts, and thighs. Yellowish on underside of flight feathers and underside of tail. Skin around eye ivory, bill horn color, iris orange-red, feet pinkish/gray.

Immatures   No red feathers, dark iris.

Length: total length 33 cm (13 in) bill 26-29 mm, wing length 171-186 mm; tail 138-150 mm.

Voice:  call disyllabic and harsh.

Distribution:   North America: western Ecuador and northwest Peru. Naturalized flocks in San Francisco area.

Habitat:  Habitat: forest, partially open areas with forest remnants; thorn bush savannah and arid regions with tree cover up to 500 m (1,600ft); occasionally on edge of rain forest; also near towns and villages.

Status:  relatively common

Habits:   groups of 6 to 10 birds; formerly occasional flocks of over 1,000 birds; nomadic; noisy and conspicuous. Breeding season begins in May; incubation 23 days; fledging period 50 days

Diet in captivity:    seed mix of sunflower, safflower, rice, wheat, oats, canary seed and different millets; various fruit and vegetables, particularly apple and carrot; half-ripe maize; rose-hips; green food; regular mineral supplement; white bread, rusk and biscuit for rearing.

         photos courtesy Margot Shay 2001

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