Mitred Parakeet  Walter Piper 2001

photo courtesy of Walter Piper 2001.

Parrot Project/Pasadena Audubon

Mitred Parakeet

Aratinga mitrata



Mitred Parakeet  Debbie Neumann 1993

photo courtesy Debbie Neumann 1999

Parrot Project/Kern Audubon

Mitred Parakeet

Aratinga mitrata
(AKA) Mitred Conure

Description: body green; paler green on breast and abdomen, varying amounts of dark red on forehead, forecrown, and eye area; scattering of red feathers to sides of head, throat, nape, breast and abdomen; greater under wing-coverts as well as underside of flight and tail feathers olive-yellow; eye ring whitish; iris yellowish-brown; feet pinkish-gray colored; bill horn-colored.

Immatures: As adults, but no red feathers.  

Length: bill 29-32 mm, wing length 192-207 mm; tail 156-182 mm.

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