NATURE ALI'S GRAND ADVENTURE - Day 10 - June 29, 2009

Went to Acadia National Park, Maine where pretty much every bird Margot saw were life birds but since she isnít a birder yet she didnít seem impressed with my two lifers; Common Eider and Black Guillemot. Bar Harbor was a nice little town where we enjoyed breakfast and then went back to exploring the park.

The day stayed relatively dreary with fog and drizzle but the sun did break through on occasion. Margot went to sleep in the back of the truck as I explored Cadillac Mountain and the rest of Acadia. After exploring the lighthouse where Margot awoke (she loves lighthouses!) we left the park to continue the adventure heading south for the first time.

I drove for a bit then Margot took back over. She drove through New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where I apparently dozed through most of Boston. We ended up in Watch Hill Rhode Island where I took back over the driving. Margot spent many summers at a friends house in Watch Hill. I never knew about her adventures there and was thrilled to learn of her life there. We then headed on to Stamford, Connecticut where we took a motel for the night.

489 miles

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